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Welcome to groundwork

groundwork is a Python based microframework for highly reusable applications and their components.
Its functionality is based on exchangeable, well-documented and well-tested plugins and patterns.

It is designed to support any kind of a Python application: command line scripts, desktop programs or web applications.

groundwork enables applications to activate and deactivate plugins during runtime and to control dynamic plugin behaviors like plugin status, used signals, registered commands and much more.

The functionality of plugins can easily be extended by the usage of inheritable patterns.
Thus, groundwork supports developers with time-saving solutions for:

Additional, ready-to-use solutions can be easily integrated into groundwork applications by the usage of third-party plugins and patterns from the groundwork community (like groundwork-database or groundwork-web ). See Additional Packages for groundwork for more information.


The following code defines a plugin with command line support and creates a groundwork application, which activates the plugin:

from groundwork import App
from groundwork.patterns import GwCommandsPattern

class MyPlugin(GwCommandsPattern):
    def _init_(self, app, *args, **kwargs): = "My Plugin"
        super().__init__(app, *args, **kwargs)

    def activate(self):
                               description='prints "hello world"',

    def greetings(self):
        print("Hello world")

if __name__ == "__main__":
    my_app = App(plugins=[MyPlugin])        # Creates app and registers MyPlugin
    my_app.plugins.activate(["My Plugin"])  # Initialise and activates 'My Plugin'
    my_app.commands.start_cli()             # Starts the command line interface

The following commands can be used on a command line now:

python hello      # Prints 'Hello world'
python            # Prints a list of available commands
python hello -h   # Prints syntax help for the hello command


For the case you wish a more use-case oriented introduction into groundwork, we have set up a tutorial with a huge amount of code examples.

This tutorial starts with the groundwork basics, lets you create your first groundwork command line application, gives introductions how to add database support and finally ends with your own groundwork based web application.

Beside groundwork itself, it also uses the community packages groundwork-database and groundwork-web.

The tutorial is available under